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Years into the Future...?

It's been a long while since I've made any sort of post/comment on LJ. But hello.

As of this year, I'm 20 years old and in my 3rd year of university-- attempting to be a speech-language pathologist in the future. (We'll see how that goes h a h.)

Reading back on my old posts, it feels strange. I've changed in some ways but I also haven't. High school feels so far behind me and the things that caused me anxiety feel like simple issues that were easily resolved.

My only problems now are figuring out my future career path and friendships.
... Both of which are still pretty similar to my issues before. L o l.

But in any case, I've drifted a longways out of the TVXQ+JYJ fandom since then. I still do adore them but it's more of a distant love. I kinda keep updated with them but not really. Currently, I fluctuate between old fandoms and have a strong interest in Chinese webnovels; I'm currently trying to learn Mandarin since I'm Chinese-American and... well... the little Cantonese I know isn't exactly that useful right now.

But anyways, a short update on me since it's been about 2 years since the last!


... maybe.

Anyways, hullo there. It's probably been a couple months since I was last alive on LJ.
I'm currently getting into the last stride of senior year-- just two months left to go before I'm done with secondary school and finally turn legal. Then I'm off to university for more education to get a reasonable job... probably.

(Wow I'd forgotten that I added gifs into my albums here-- so many nice ones, seriously.)

I hope everyone's been well? Lots of love to you if you have been well or haven't been well. (Although if you haven't been well, I hope things turn out better for you soon!)

On another note, I've kinda been very ??? in the TVXQ & JYJ fandoms. I've gotten exceedingly distracted with Haikyuu!! (an anime/manga) and Miraculous Ladybug (french animation). I honestly thought I'd gotten over anime/manga and cartoons but I took a peek in to see what they were all about and got sucked in to both. =v=;;
Welp, too late to back out now I guess. But I still very much love TVXQ & JYJ-- that much I can say. It's just gotten mixed in with these other fandoms that I've come to love a lot as well.

(Edit: I keep having to go back and edit this post jfc-- so many little grammar mistakes wow.)

Eww School

School starts this upcoming monday and I honestly don't feel... anything that much about it. I guess it just hasn't hit me yet? Hmm... But I have worries about the new school year in my distant thoughts like "What if I don't make any friends?" "I hope I get better grades since this is my senior year." "I need to apply to universities soon." "Will I be able to keep in contact with my friends?" "I hope people at my new school will be nice to me..."

I'm just really... bleh. So bleh. Much bleh. Very bleh.


Old Chinese Songs ;w; ♥

I've been combing through my external hard drive and exploring what I've saved in it over the years and I came across some lovely old stuff! owo

Songs + CommentaryCollapse )

Rise As God

//cries a little bit because lovely Kokayz uploaded TVXQ's last album for the next two years a day early and I wasn't expecting it and I was on tumblr and then BAM it was all over and I'm just alksfjklsd so beautiful ;A;

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Lactose sensitivity sucks lots, especially when it only effects you and not anyone else in the family. I'm lucky in that I'm alright eating yogurt and cheese every now and then because a lot of foods have cheese on them but milk is just n o.

My parents just don't understand why I've cut milk out of my diet entirely and why I avoid certain drinks/soups because they won't stop trying to encourage me to drink milk despite me telling them that it just doesn't work for my digestive system.
Like recently, my mother made a sweet soup that I used to absolutely love but it has a lot of milk mixed in and I literally just took a sip ("Taste it for me!" "...okay.") before getting incredibly bloated with a mildly painful cramp mixed in, just half an hour later.

asldfjalskd I'm just gonna... carefully... stay away from her soup... along with everything else that mildly kills me.


Death Note the Musical Highlights

Me right now:

Anyone know about any fancams of the musical yet? I really hope someone actually took some-- ;w;

I'm back from my trip!

I left my city for LA early Friday morning and just arrived home two evenings ago at close to midnight and I didn't make it to bed until close to 2AM. But then yesterday, I had to get up at 6:30AM for school and... yeah, it was a very tiring day since I had two quizzes mixed in as well. Today was my first lazy day in a long, long while.

But going back to my trip...
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Yunho's Enlistment

SM Ent's confirmed that he's head out July 21st...
To have an actual date put down for his enlistment, it feels like it's just so close and he's also going to be gone 21 months. ;;